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Sunday- Saturday

Noon - 7pm

As of July 15, 2024 Your HOA Dues must be paid to have pool access.  Your electronic card will be deactivated. 

*Pool and park will close early with inclement weather



The Pool will OPEN Saturday May 25, 2024 at NOON.
Pool Rules
*You must be a resident of Beaver Glen to use our pool, park, rec. center, and courts.  Homeowners are allowed to bring up to 4 guests per household, but the homeowner must accompany the guest and be present at all times.  No acceptions.  The homeowner must sign in the guest.  Guests will be turned away without proper escorts.  
*Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult or family member that is at least 18 years of age.  
*Show your pool pass to the lifeguard and sign in when coming to the pool. You must give your name and address to the pool monitor along with showing you pool pass to enter the pool. 
*No smoking of cigarettes or any other substance.
*No drugs allowed at the pool, park or any other public areas.
*No glass bottles are allowed at the pool, park, other public areas.
*Bad language and disrespectful behavior not allowed.
*No fighting, rough play or risky activities allowed.
*Hair must be tied back so it does not get into the pool drains.
*Babies must have on swim diapers. No disposable diapers.
*Children must be accompanied to the restrooms. 
*Violators will not be allowed to use the Beaver Glen facilities.
If you as a homeowner witness illegal activity anywhere in Beaver Glen you are urged to call Warner Robins Police Department at
478-293-1000 (non-emergency) or Houston Co Sheriff at 478-542-2125.  
New cards will be isssued to new homeowners as identified. If your 2023-2024 HOA dues are paid and you have a card from last year it will still work until July 1, 2024. We will turn off your key card if new dues are not paid by the 15th of July, 2024.  
The card is just a plain white card that is encrypted with a code to open the gate.  You will find a new silver box at the right side of the entrance gate to the pool.  All you have to do is hold your card close to it and it should make a beeping sound to let you know the gate unlocked.  Just push it open.  
You must push the exit button on the inside of the gate to leave the pool area.  Keep your card with you if you leave the pool as you will need it each time you re-enter the pool area.  
You can continue to show your old pass to get into the pool until July 1 when all assessments are due.  If assessments are not paid by July 1 you will be denied access to the pool.  The cards are programmed with your current information.  
If you loose a card there is going to be a $5 charge for a new card. 
Give a big shout out to the volunteers that worked so hard to get the pool open this year.  A special thanks to Dan Vickers, our pool manager for getting us cleaned and ready to open. 
A big thanks to John Tibbetts and Joseph Hubbard for helping with the pool and getting the card system set up.  If you have problems with your card or key fob you can contact Joseph at
A big thank you to the volunteers that came out on May 18, 2024 to help clean up the park and pool area so we could open. It was a rainy, soggy day but we did get some big jobs done.  We are always looking forward to the summer and providing good clean fun for our neighborhood.  
If anyone 16 and over is interested in helping with pool monitoring please let us know.  It never hurts to have extra help during the busy summer months.  Contact Dan Vickers at
The Beaver Glen HOA is working on the renovations of the Clubhouse, Playground and Recreation Center.
We have had to address the structural components first with new roof on the Rec Center and Picnic Pavillion.  There have also been repairs made to the Clubhouse roof, updated plumbing, new electrical outlets, and new fire extinguishers.  The playground slide has been repaired and we are working on many more items.  Your assessment dollars are working for our community and continue to be the only way we can maintain our subdivision.  




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