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Beaver Glen HOA is now getting estimates on tree removal this summer.  We have spent several years dealing with the pine beetle situation.  It is killing off trees rapidly and it is costing a great deal to remove these very large trees.  Currently there are 14 trees that we are aware of needing removed.  Mr. Eardley will be contacting you if there is a tree on the removal list that is adjacent to your property.

There are several trees that are surrounding the swimming pool that have dropped large amounts of debris in and around the pool.  It is taking hours to clean the pool of the debris every day.  It also contributes to the accumulation of leaves in the fall and winter when closed.  This leads to draining the pool, scrubbing it down and refilling every spring.  We also are looking at trimming these trees to cut back on the pool maintenance and problems.  

We are getting prices on new pool furniture and updates to the pool area.  We are hoping we will have the funds to update the area this year as the summer progresses and the dues are collected.  

We have had a major water leak in a pipe leading to the sprinkler system.  The city has been refusing to repair the pipe even though it is in the road.  Mr. & Mrs. Dailey and Mr. Ham are working with the city to get this resolved.  Thankfully, we have had rain to keep the entrance watered but it will soon dry out if the sprinklers are not turned on soon.  

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