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Board Meeting Monday, March 27, 2023, at the Clubhouse.  7pm.

 If you are attending the meeting with a concern, complaint, etc. please email to be put on the agenda no later than 24 hours in advance. Thank You!
  • NO FIREWORKS at the common areas or by the clubhouse. 
  • Intentional damage to mailboxes or theft of mail is a federal crime!! Immediately report theft, tampering or destruction of mail or mailboxes to USPS @ 1 (800) 275-8777. 
  • The common areas close at 8 pm or dark (whichever is earlier). They will not reopen until the following day once closed.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Warner Robins Police Department @ 478-302-5378! Please do not call a board member.  As a citizen YOU can report suspicious activity anonymously.
  • City law does NOT allow parking on the street overnight. Please make sure you park in your driveway or garage. Our covenants do not allow tractor-trailers parked in the neighborhood overnight. 
  • Lock your vehicles and remove valuables.  
  • Report any suspicious activity to Warner Robins Police Department @478-302-5378.
  • We strive to keep Beaver Glen a safe community to live and play.  

Lawn Care

String Bean Landscapes- 297-4123

West Plumbing- 292-9800

Mobley Landscaping

Patrick Mobley


Free Estimates

Notary Services

 Joseph Hubbard 


American Patriot Pressure Washing

478-319-2252 Currently offering whole house specials on power washing with sidewalks and drives!

Montpelier Tree Service

Donny Davis


Any recommendations can be sent to

​Have questions on trash bulk or need yard waste picked up? Call Transwaste at 328-1080

Need an additional cart for household trash? Call the City of Warner Robins at 929-1144.  Must use city approved containers!

Yard Debris should be picked up and moved to curb for Transwaste pickup on Thursdays.  

You will be asked to remove old, unused items from your drive and around your home as this is part of Beaver Glen Covenants.  No junk or abandoned cars are allowed by Warner Robins.  Cars left on drives or in yards will be reported to the city for violations. Keeping our yards and homes tidy will help keep our property values up and an inviting community for people looking to purchase a home.  It is all our responsibility to help keep our subdivision looking good.  

Weeding and mowing is also a vital part of homeownership.  You are all asked to keep your lawns mowed and weeds removed.  If you need assistance with lawn care or any other home upkeep please contact Beaver Glen HOA members by calling 478-213-5222 and leaving a message, or contact us through

When planning on home improvements to your exterior, adding additional rooms or out-buildings, fences, garages, etc. please contact the Architecture Manager, Dan Vickers.  There are forms located here under Architectural Approval.  Please submit as early as possible.  

It is under the authority of BGHOA and Georgia POA that we are required to issue citations for homeowners not meeting the requirements of the Beaver Glen Covenants.  One of the main concerns of homeowners is the upkeep of homes in our neighborhood.  Simple lawn maintenance, shrub trimming and curb maintenance goes a long way in contributing to the nice appearance and property value of our homes in Beaver Glen.  

As of July 2022, the board will be going through our streets and reviewing lawn needs and those in violation of the Covenants.  You will be given 1 warning in writing by mail and ask to take action in 21 days of the date of letter.  Your property will be assessed again in 21 days and if corrected no further action will be taken.  If no action has been taken, homeowner will receive a certified letter giving them 10 days from signature to remedy the violation.  If no action is taken your home will be turned over to the City of Warner Robins Code Violation and you will begin to be charged.

Those of you that have campers, we ask that you keep your campers moved to the back of your property or driveway, so you are not obstructing your neighbor's view.  Since there are so many homeowners in Beaver Glen with campers, we are allowing parking of you campers now, but will appreciate if you keep them out of view as much as possible.  

Thank You!

Your Beaver Glen Board 





Andy Benton 


Vice President:

Dan Vickers 



Williams Eardley 



Jeanette Hughes 


Architecture Approval:

Dan Vickers/Board Members


Covenants Compliance:

Board Members

Pool Monitoring and Supervision:

Dan Vickers


Joy Dailey 


Welcoming Committee:

Jeanette Hughes 


Clubhouse Reservations:

Rhonda Carpenter


Business Administrator:

Rhonda Carpenter


Social Events:

Janine Lehmiller

Security Cameras:










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